Surf Social Skills Curriculum

Who We Are

Camp WAVES includes a research based approach to teaching social skills.

We are a part of Autism Adventures; a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. Camp is provided at no cost to the families of students with Autism. Parents of accepted campers are responsible for transportation and lodging. The two day camp occurs each summer in Port Aransas, Texas.

Our Approach

The SURF Skills curriculum was first co-developed and researched in 2009 with school district related service and instructional personnel who serve students with ASD, as well as with university special education faculty.  This program is a major component of a surf camp curriculum for students with ASD and their families.  Currently known as Camp WAVES, the surf camp curriculum consists of:  Water surfing; Volunteers for camper support; extended family participation; and, social skills instruction.  The two-day camp occurs each summer in Port Aransas.  Campers are taught the SURF Skills over the course of two days. Campers have multiple opportunities to use their skills and are provided with feedback from their volunteers on their performance. 

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces


The goal of Camp WAVES is to improve social skill development and provide sensory motor activities to students with ASD through surfing.  Camp WAVES helps level the playing field.  It’s a stress free environment of recreational play that values and nurtures the diverse means of self-expression in children with ASD while increasing the likelihood that the skills they learn will translate back to future school and recreational settings.  Thus, the camp is consistent with the goal of increasing student achievement and active engagement in learning.  Feedback from parents has been positive in regard to the social skills component of the curriculum in regard to networking activities and sustaining friendships.

— Our Mission

To give our campers and their families the tools they need to help develop the social skills needed to succeed in life. 

— What is included in Camp WAVES

SURF Social Skills for Camp and School.

2:1 Staff to Camper ratio

Crafts and Beach Activities

Lunch and Snacks

Surfing equipment: Surfboards, Rash Guards, Life Jackets